Meet the Celebrities

Gala: Speaker

Since Flip Orley has bursted onto the comedy seen he has single – handedly reshaped the image of hypnosis from its vaudeville image, to an act hip and edgy enough for the MTV generation. Flip’s appearance on the “Today Show” brought rave reviews and stopped traffic in midtown Manhattan.  His one-man show has set comedy club attendance records from coast to coast. Faithful fans and new comers alike find themselves screaming with laughter as Flip ignites his volunteers’ subconscious minds and transforms reality. What sets Orley apart from others in his craft, is his true comedic ability, delivering a hilarious stand up set before unleashing his volunteers creative imaginations.

The Los Angeles Times attests that “…the beauty of Orley’s show is that, because most of the humor comes from the volunteers, and no two performances are alike.” The Dallas Morning News reports, “It’s difficult to remain skeptical after seeing Flip transform a panel of well behaved audience members into a family of trailer-park dwellers from Arkansas, Southern accent and all!”

Gala: Performing Artists

Growing up in the small town of Joshua, Texas, Hailey Erin always had an ear for country music. Her biggest idol, Miranda Lambert, showed her that not everyone gets caught up in the Hollywood crowd. Having been given amazing opportunities to work with composer and producer Ty Macklin, a multi-platinum, Grammy award winner, who became her personal manager after discovering Hailey Erin as a young finalist in the DFW Idol competition. Hailey has been blessed to work with other Texas country artists such as Kyle Park, Austin Allsup and Sonny Burges.

She is a graduate of the University of North Texas. Her biggest dream is to sing at the Grand Ole Opry along-side Miranda Lambert. Her love of being on stage and being able to share her talent with other people is what keeps her drive alive. With support from God, family, friends, and her manager, Hailey will soon become a country music sensation and achieve her country music goal.